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Building a Mini Homestead

Growing a vegetable garden, grow a home orchard, raising backyard chickens, eating real, fresh gourmet food, sounds hard to do? It really isn't. Here, you will find the basic elements of building a mini homestead, where you can save money, eat healthy and feel a real sense of self-sufficient and self-reliant. The fresh vegetables you grow/raise your own not only are superior in taste, but nutrition value as well, and free from harmful chemicals. Raising chickens at home not only allow you to harvest fresh eggs, it can also provide fertilizers to feed the garden. A mini hoe eco-system will also benefit the enviroment. New Dimension Seed® offers a line of high quality non-GMO vegetable seeds that are early maturing and easy to grow, ideal for home gardeners. The seed packets have garden tips on how to grow as we as easy to prepare recipes. Check out our cooking page for more delicious recipes.

bok choy seeds

Asian Green Seeds: Asian greens are fast growing, versatile in cooking and is a great choice for home gardeners. They are cold hardy, making them ideal to grow in early spring and fall. They can be sown in flats or directly in the garden. Asian greens benefit from growing in nitrogen rich soil with ample supply of water. Try some common, easy to grow Asian greens such as Baby Bok Choy, Gai Lan ( AKA Chinese broccoli), Chinese Cabbage and learn how to incorporate these vegetables in your daily cuisine.

Asian Cucumber Seeds: There are a large selection of Asian cucumbers are sweet, burpless and great flavor. The green cucumbers are long and slender, with small seed chamber and slightly bumpy thin skins that need not be be removed when eating. Sow direct when the soil temperature reaches 65F, or start the seedlings in trays 2-3 weeks before transplanting to garden. Our Stallion White Cucumber(TM) is a superior variety that is more hardy and more productive. In a Santa Clara County (CA) Master Gardener cucumber trial, Stallion White Cucumber was voted #1 in taste. It has earned our "Market Star" for the best selling cucumbers in Farmers markets.

snap bean seeds

Beans Seeds: There is a plethora of beans in Asian vegetables that are easy to grow and delectable to eat. Try our Xupar No-String Bush Bean, a super productive variety that does not require a trellis. Our Greenway Asparagus Beans is fun to grow in the garden. The beans can reach 18 inches long and, a quarter of an inch in diameter. It is an early maturing variety, takes just 65-70 days. Asparagus beans are tender and delicious, great for stir-fry or with herb butter. Our Della Fave Broad Bean is bean variety that resembles the Italian Romano beans, but much bigger in size and matures early. The beans are extremely tender and delicious. Purple Cardinal is a fall producing pole bean that is attractive and a prolific producer of tender straight purple beans that are 8-10 incheslong.

Edamame(Soybeans Seeds):With 40% protein content, soybean is a delicious and nutritious vegetable. Soybean are easy to grow, the plants are robust plants that do well in most gardens. Sow soybeans when the soil temperature is warm enough for most other beans. Sweet Sansei SoybeanTM is a variety with short maturing time, average harvesting time is 55-60 days after sowing. Harvest soybeans when they are are plump but the pods are still green. Boil the soybeans in their pods in hot water for 15 minutes with salt and spices, such as bay leaves, fennel seeds or Asian pepper corn. Squeeze the soybeans out of their shells to consume, discard the shells.

carrots beautiful

Root crop Seeds: Root vegetables, such as carrots, radishes, beets and turnip add great flavors and nutrition to our diet. We offer a variety of root vegetables, from short maturing radishes that are ready in just 28 days to red and yellow carrots can add flavor and color to any meal. Radiant Giant Daikon Radish is a radish that grow to 6 inches across and has striking red center and great flavor. Ivory Daikon Radish can grow up to 24 inches long, andis mild and delicious.My rule of thumb is always sow root vegetables direct to the garden. Transplanting can cause deformities that reduce the quality of the crop. Planting root crops at the right time is a great way of extending gardening season. The red and yellow carrots are fun to grow. The carrots are crunchy, sweet and are great for fresh eating or pickling.

kohlrabi seeds

Kohlrabi Seeds :This amazing vegetable belongs to the cabbage family. Kohlrabi is popular in China and Europe, but is less known here in the US. The odd shape of the vegetable reminds people of a flying saucer. It is easy to grow, and is one of the vegetables that you can leave in the ground for quite a long period of time.Kohlrabi can be planted throught the spring season. They will last into fall and may winter over in mild climate. The cold weather sweetens their flash.

growing herbs

Growing Herbs: Culinary herbs are essential part of good eating. The good news is they are fairly easy to grow, and can add aesthetic values to the garden. Some culinary herbs are annual, which you need to plant every year, others are perennials that will come back every year. Explore the culinary herbs and find the ones you like, it will make you a better cook with little effort.