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Origin and Charicteristics:

Ameraucana is said to have originated from South America. Since they lay bluish-greenish colored eggs, they are often referred as Easter Eggers. Ameraucana comes in different colors, the most commonly seen ones are brown-red. Ameraucama chickens are smaller in size among the laying hens, at about 5 lb. full grown. They are calm, not aggressive and easy to manage. It is a pretty hardy breed, can handle some cold temperature. They are well suited in any flock.

Egg Production: ameraucana hen eggs

The color of the eggs ranging from light blue to bluish-green. Their egg laying ability is average, mine lay about every other day duringn the production period. They start laying on average 7 month after hatching. Ameraucanas love to graze, eating weeds and grass clippinngs, their egg yolks are among the darkest color of all hens.

Other Care Consideration:

Ameraucana hens like most laying hens will go through a period of molting, usually after laying for several month. During the molting period the hens won't lay eggs. They may loose feather and get pretty rough looking. Their faces will turn from a bright red to a pale pinkish color. This is the nature's way for the hens to catch up and recover after a long period of egg production. Molting usually lasts around a month, some last longer. Once they come through, they will have new feathers and a refreshed look and ready to lay eggs again. Ameraucana chickens are not broody, meaning they do not have the tendency to try to hatch eggs.