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Barred Rocks

Common Egg Layers:


(Plymouth) Barred Rock

Buff Orpington



Rhode Island Reds

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Origin and Charicteristics:

Plymouth Rock, commonly know as Barred Rock is a popular backyard breed. They were developed in the New England area in the 1800. The chicks are black in color with white spots. Once popular in the 19th century homestead, Barred Rocks are dual purpose chickens, meaning they can be raised for meat or eggs. They are friendly, calm and easy to manage. Hens on average weighing 6-7 lb. at full grown. They have soft feathers and a dawn like undercoat. They are very cold hardy and can tolerant cold weather. A great chicken to have in a backyard flock. Plymouth Rock also comes in white.

Egg Production: barred rock hen eggs

Barred Rocks lay pinkish brown colored eggs. They are pretty good layers, producing between 3-4 eggs per week. The size of the eggs are medium to large. They start laying on average at about 5-6 months after hatching. They are good ecomonical birds for egg production.

Other Care Consideration:

Barred Rock hens like most laying hens will go through a period of molting, usually after laying for several month. During the molting period the hens won't lay eggs. They may loose feather and get pretty rough looking. Their faces will turn from a bright red to a pale pinkish color. Barred Rocks seem to come out of molting relatively fast Barred Rock hens are not broody, but once they do, they make good mother hens.