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Common Egg Layers:


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Buff Orpington



Rhode Island Reds

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Origin and Charicteristics:

Leghorn is an ancient breed developed in Central Italy, dating back to the Romans times. White leghorn is the most common variety. They get about 4 lb. when fully developed. They are extremely good egg layers. Because of their small size, they do not consume a lot of feed, making them the most economical egg producers. Most commercially produced white eggs come from leghorns. Our leghorns have been laying almost every day for a year. Leghorns do not care to interact with human much, they rather be left alone. Despite being small, they hold their own pretty well in a flock. They are well suited in any flock.

Egg Production: ameraucana hen eggs

White leghorns produce large sized white eggs. They are the best egg producers in our flock. They are fairly early mature as well, producing eggs 5-6 months after hatching.

Other Care Consideration:

Our leghorns exhibit very good quality when it comes to molting. They did not loose feather when molting and came out of it very quickly. Leghorns are not broody, after laying their eggs they leave the nesting box right away.