Freezing Beans: Make it Flavorful

You waited and waited, and finally your beans start to produce tender sweet beans. First you’re content at picking fresh beans for supper everyday, and pretty soon you're overwhelmed with all the beans coming out of the garden... That’s when you need to spring into action, freeze the extras you can’t use in the summer and savor them for the down time of the garden. I’ve found adding some herbs when you blanching the beans adds extra flavor to the beans. I like to use savory herb, either summer savory or winter savory.

    (1) Wash and trim green beans to remove the ends, cut into sections if desired.
    (2) Bring a large pot of water to a boil with a few sprigs of savory herb in it (use approx. 1 gallon of water per lb. of beans).
    (3) Add beans to the boiling water; leave heat on high, cook for 3 minutes.
    (4) Plunge beans in cold water immediately to cool.
    (5) Pack beans in plastic bags in cooking portions, then place bags in a larger freezer bag, freeze.

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